They continue to win and continue to break records, beating Tarandos 17-1, a score that resembles a handball game more than a hockey game. With this win, they broke the previous record reaching 34 wins in 34 games and having scored 497 goals. Also, IPTAMENI has allowed 41 goals in 34 games, in average 1 goal per game!

IPTAMENI ATHENS: The greatest team of Greek Ice Hockey history of all times!

It’s great living when history is being made.

19Georgios Kalyvas (C)246
6Georgios Kouleles156
34Orestis Tilios325
12Marios Lybertos235
3Lazaros Efkarpidis404
36Pavlos Kasampoulis314
5Nikos Chatzigiannis (A)123
8Aggelos Tzitzis101